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Our Sponsors and Exhibitors



Bayer is committed to SCIENCE FOR A BETTER LIFE by advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments.  Bayer has successfully established Targeted Alpha Therapy as part of the standard of care for patients with prostate cancer globally with Xofigo® (radium-223 dichloride). Almost 10 years later, Xofigo® is the first and only approved TAT proven to extend the lives of men with bone-predominant metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) and the first approved targeted radionuclide therapy in prostate cancer. Bayer continues to prioritize novel targets and pathways that have the potential to impact patients’ life and the way cancer is treated.

WebsiteL www.bayer.com


NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd

NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa). NTP is one of the major global commercial manufacturers and suppliers of key medical radioisotope Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99). NTP operates a radiopharmaceutical facility that beneficiates medical radioisotopes and turns them into medicines/medical products which are used to supply the African and Indian Ocean region markets, via subsidiary company AEC-Amersham SOC Ltd. NTP is an important producer of reactor-based medical radioisotopes Iodine-131 (I-131), and since 2017, Lutetium-177 non carrier-added (Lu-177 n.c.a.). Both of these isotopes are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, particularly for the treatment of thyroid (I-131) and prostate (Lu-177) cancers.

Website: www.ntp.co.za


Point BioPharma

POINT Biopharma is a globally focused radiopharmaceutical company building a platform for the clinical development and commercialization of radioligands that fight cancer. POINT is transforming precision medicine by combining a portfolio of best-in-class radiopharmaceutical assets, a seasoned management team, an industry-leading pipeline, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and secured supply for rare medical isotopes like actinium-225 and lutetium-177. POINT’s active clinical trials include FRONTIER, the phase 1 trial for PNT2004, a pan-cancer program targeting fibroblast activation protein-α (FAP-α), and SPLASH, the phase 3 trial for PNT2002 for people with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). More information about the SPLASH trial can be found at https://www.splashtrial.com/ www.pointpharma.com


AlfaRim – Making Alpha Therapy possible

AlfaRim is a deeptech start-up company in the field of medical isotope production. We have developed an innovative process technology for the industrial production of actinium-225 (Ac-225). By supplying cGMP-grade Ac-225 to the radiopharmaceutical industry we will pave the way for TAT to become a mainstream therapy for the treatment of many types of cancer. Our technology will guarantee a continuous worldwide supply of cGMP-grade Ac-225 in predictable quantities and at predictable moments in time. This will make AlfaRim a leading supplier – and your trustworthy partner.



Siemens Healthineers

When our health is at risk, we rely on physicians to make the best possible decisions – from quick, early diagnoses to the most effective treatments and follow-ups. By constantly bringing breakthrough innovations to market, we help healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care, leading to the best possible outcome for patients. Our portfolio of products, services and solutions is at the center of clinical decision-making and treatment pathways. Patient-centred innovation has been and always will be at the core of our company. We aspire to create better outcomes and experiences for patients no matter where they live or what they are facing. An estimated five million patients worldwide everyday benefit from our innovative technologies and services in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine as well as digital health and enterprise services. We’re a leading medical technology company with over 120 years of experience and 18,500 patents globally. We pioneer breakthroughs in healthcare. For everyone. Everywhere. This is why we give our best every day, to improve the lives of patients and their families. www.siemens-healthineers.com


TrisKem International

TrisKem International develops, manufactures and commercializes selective resins for the separation and quality control of radionuclides such as Lu-177, Tb-161, Ga-67/8, Zr-89, Cu-64/7, alpha emitters (e.g. Ac-225, Pb-212,…), Ge-68, Ti-44/5, Sc-43/4/7 and many other radionuclides for medical purposes. Further to its range of resins TrisKem also provides selective chromatography paper (DGA Sheets) for quality control of radionuclides and generator effluents (Ra-223, Ac-225, Pb-212, Ga-68,…). TrisKem’s resins are increasingly finding use in the production of radionuclides for radiopharmacy and are employed by leading radionuclide manufacturers worldwide. Our R&D team is constantly working on the development of new resins and methods in order to help you with your separation needs. If you have a special separation need, you are willing to participate in a R&D project or you are looking for a partner to commercialize a new technology you have developed, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@triskem.fr. www.triskem-international.com


ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE

ITM, a leading radiopharmaceutical biotech company, is dedicated to providing a new generation of radiomolecular precision therapeutics and diagnostics for hard-to-treat tumors. We aim to meet the needs of cancer patients, clinicians and our partners through excellence in development, production and global supply. With improved patient benefit as the driving principle for all we do, ITM advances a broad precision oncology pipeline, including two phase III studies, combining the company’s high-quality radioisotopes with a range of targeting molecules. By leveraging our nearly two decades of pioneering radiopharma expertise, central industry position and established global network, ITM strives to provide patients with more effective targeted treatment to improve clinical outcome and quality of life.

Website: www.itm-radiopharma.com


IONETIX is a US-based cyclotron and technology company providing full-service radioisotope production and end-to-end radiopharmaceutical manufacturing solutions. Utilizing its proprietary cyclotron technology platform, IONETIX has developed innovative solutions that enable access to scarce radioisotopes used for both diagnostics and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.  IONETIX offers both high-purity Actinium-225 (Ac-225) and Astatine-211 (At-211) for use in targeted alpha therapies.  It’s decentralized production and distribution supply chain includes contract drug manufacturing and “white glove” distribution logistics, allowing global access to these alpha-emitting isotopes and targeted radiotherapies.  IONETIX will initiate GMP production of both n.c.a Ac-225 and At-211 in 2023.

Website: www.ionetix.com


IBA RadioPharma Solutions:

Based on long-standing expertise, IBA RadioPharma Solutions supports hospitals and radiopharmaceutical distribution centers with their in-house radioisotope production by providing them with global solutions, from project design to the operation of the facility. In addition to high-quality technology production equipment, IBA has developed in-depth experience in setting up GMP radiopharmaceuticals production centers. PanTera: PanTera aims to secure the large-scale production of actinium-225 (225Ac), one of the most promising alpha-emitting radioisotopes to fight cancers by Targeted RadioTherapy (TRT). By working towards this large-scale production, PanTera’s ultimate goal is to improve the accessibility of future innovative cancer therapy based on 225Ac and theranostics in general.

Website: www.iba-radiopharmasolutions.com


NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes is a commercial-stage nuclear medicine company focused on advancing patient care by providing diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes, novel radiopharmaceuticals and customized radiopharmaceutical development services. Its proven management team and state-of-the-art, environmentally preferable and non-uranium based technologies have made it an emerging leader at the forefront of U.S. medical radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical production. NorthStar is the sole domestic producer of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), used to generate the standard-of-care diagnostic imaging radioisotope for assessing heart disease and cancer. It is expanding its industry-leading position in the growing area of therapeutic radioisotopes, used in targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy to treat cancer and other serious diseases, and is poised to be the first commercial-scale producer of non-carrier added (n.c.a.) actinium-225 (Ac-225) and copper-67 (Cu-67).



Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology laboratory, dedicated to developing peaceful and innovative applications from nuclear technology through its expertise in physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology, and engineering. We address global issues across the nuclear lifecycle – reactors and fuels, waste management, nuclear safeguards – and develop novel medical isotopes and devices.




At Trasis we are dedicated to helping the medical community access new radio-labelled therapeutic and diagnostic substances easily and faster.

To this end, we design, manufacture, sell and support high performance synthesizers (AllinOne and AllinOne mini), dose preparation equipment (Unidose and Quickfill dispensers), their shielding and accessories. We also develop customized synthetic methods and instruments. We can provide GMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and assist our customers with their regulatory affairs.

Our proven radiopharmaceutical expertise, coupled with our high-end instruments, allow us to provide fully integrated solutions for an effective tracer production and faster transition from drug development to marketing authorization.

Website: www.trasis.com


iThemba Laboratories

At the tip of Africa lies the largest particle accelerator facility in the Southern Hemisphere and the only cyclotron facility of its kind on the African continent. iThemba Laboratories for Accelerator Based Science (LABS), a research facility of the National Research Foundation (NRF), operates from sites located in Cape Town and Johannesburg offering applied and fundamental research capacity and infrastructure for accelerator-based sciences. iThemba LABS has been producing radioisotopes for both the local and international market according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) in specialised facilities and supplied for clinical application, for more than 30 years.

WEBSITE: www.tlabs.ac.za


Fusion Pharmaceuticals

Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage oncology company focused on developing next-generation radiopharmaceuticals as precision medicines. Fusion connects alpha particle emitting isotopes to various targeting molecules to selectively deliver the alpha emitting payloads to tumors. Fusion’s first program, FPI-1434 targeting insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R), is currently in a Phase 1 clinical trial. The pipeline includes FPI-1966, targeting the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3), and FPI-2059, a small molecule targeting neurotensin receptor 1 (NTSR1), currently in Phase 1 studies. Fusion also has a collaboration with AstraZeneca to jointly develop novel targeted alpha therapies (TATs) and combination programs.

Website: www.fusionpharma.com


Advanced Accelerator Applications, SA (AAA), a Novartis Company

Advanced Accelerator Applications, S.A. (AAA), a Novartis company, is an innovative medicines company developing targeted radioligand therapies and precision imaging radioligands for oncology indications. We are committed to transforming patients’ lives by leading innovation in nuclear medicine.

Founded in 2002, AAA has a legacy as a pioneer in the development and delivery of radiopharmaceutical drugs for diagnostic imaging. More recently, AAA has focused its efforts on developing targeted radioligand therapies and precision imaging diagnostics that target specific markers that are over-expressed by certain types of solid tumors.



Eichrom is a global leader is nuclear separation chemistry for analytical radiochemistry, isotope geochemistry and nuclear medicine.  Eichrom is characterized by integrity, responsive customer service and high standards for product quality. We are a difference-making supplier because of our collaborative approach and the continual growth of our technical competence. Eichrom has an experienced team of radiochemists that continually strives to improve efficiency and lower costs for our customers. www.eichrom.com


RayzeBio is a biotechnology company focused on improving outcomes for people with cancer by harnessing the power of targeted radioisotopes. With a focus on clinically validated solid tumor targets, RayzeBio is developing novel drug conjugates to deliver potent therapeutic radioisotopes such as Actinium-225, an alpha-emitter. Established in 2020, RayzeBio is backed by a syndicate of sophisticated healthcare investors.



Ai4r or Atlantic Instruments for Research produces and sells a complete range of imaging instruments for autoradiographic analysis. The BeaQuant and BeaQuant S are two gas detectors for real-time autoradiography able to locate the radioactivity of all alpha- or beta- emitting radioisotopes in various size samples. www.ai4r.com


“The DOE Isotope Program supports the production and the development of production techniques of radioactive and stable isotopes that are in short supply for research and applications. Isotopes are high-priority commodities of strategic importance for the nation and are essential for energy, medical, and national security applications and for basic research; a goal of the program is to make critical isotopes more readily available to meet domestic U.S. needs. The program also coordinates and supports isotope production at numerous universities, national laboratories, and commercial accelerator and reactor facilities throughout the nation to promote a reliable supply of domestic isotopes. The NIDC coordinates isotope production across these facilities and manages the business operations of the sale and distribution of isotopes.” www.isotopes.gov


Comecer, part of ATS, is an Italian company that develops and manufactures high-technology systems for aseptic treatment and containment in the pharmaceutical and nuclear medicine industries. Comecer designs and builds systems and equipment for the safe treatment of radioactive substances used in Nuclear Medicine, guaranteeing minimum exposure to the operator, total decontamination and inalterability in any working condition. In particular, Comecer excels in the field of radiochemistry where, on behalf of large industrial groups or research institutes, it manufactures shielding systems for special applications. In the Nuclear Medicine sector, Comecer’s products are used in the most advanced and prestigious research centres, universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies worldwide www.comercer.com


With more than three decades of experience, Eckert & Ziegler Medical represents the combined expertise in nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, and radiation therapy including all relevant types of emitters. As a one-stop-shop for radiopharmaceutical needs, we realize your projects focused on alpha emitters with customizable hot cell solutions, radiochemical and radiopharmaceutical radionuclide supply (incl. Ac-225), development and contract manufacturing services, radiosynthesis and quality control equipment.  Our global network of facilities incl. GMP suites gives you access to fully licensed radioisotope labs, GMP environment for production and stable supply arrangements for almost all pharmaceutical radioisotopes. www.medical.ezag.com


Elysia-raytest is a solution provider for radio-pharmaceutical producers and nuclear medicine departments worldwide. We provide Quality Control systems, radio synthesis units, LIMS solutions, services, chromatography to Nuclear Medicine departments and Radio Pharmacy Therapy industries.

We design, manufacture, sell and service instruments used for the measurement of radioactivity and quality control, in close collaboration with radiopharmaceutical providers to develop new products and improve existing solutions.

Our mission is to make the measurement of radioactivity, peptide labelling and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals easier, faster and safer.

For more information about the company and its products, please visit our website at www.elysia-raytest.com.


“Atley Solutions provides products and services related to the development and automated production of radiopharmaceuticals based on the alpha-emitting radionuclide At-211.

 The company’s first product, the C100, is the world’s only commercial production module that allows for the purification of At-211 from cyclotron targets, and the automated radiolabeling of At-211 to a range of target vector types. It makes use of non-clinical or clinical disposables and hence allows for GMP compatible radiopharmaceutical production. Atley also offers non-clinical drug discovery services which include access to At-211 and the C100.

 Let Atley help you unlock the incredible potential of At-211!”

Website: www.astatine211.com


Advanced Cyclotron Systems, INC. (ACSI)

Advanced Cyclotron Systems, Inc. (ACSI) is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of cyclotron systems.  With over 30 years of experience and more than 70 cyclotron systems installed, ACSI can provide a wide range of equipment and services worldwide.  ACSI cyclotrons are used for the commercial production of PET and SPECT nuclides by internationally recognized companies and leading universities and research facilities.  ACSI cyclotrons are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Richmond, Canada.

ACSI offers a full spectrum of cyclotron systems ranging from PET cyclotrons to medium and high energy accelerators. All ACSI manufactured cyclotrons have variable energy and employ external ion source technology, offering the highest beam current output available on the market.

The versatility, high beam current and exceptional quality of ACSI cyclotrons are some of the reasons why many of the world’s most prestigious universities and research centres, as well as some of the most successful commercial radioisotope producers have chosen ACSI cyclotrons to meet their radioisotope production needs.

For more information, please visit www.advancedcyclotron.com


QScint Imaging Solutions

QScint Imaging Solutions manufactures iQID (ionizing-radiation Quantum Imaging Detector) quantitative digital autoradiography imaging systems for alpha- and beta-emitting radioisotopes. Our scintillator-based imaging systems provide the highest efficiency for assessing the spatial distribution of alpha-emitters in tissues and for performing micro-scale dosimetry. We offer a variety of iQID systems designed to provide flexibility in cost and detector area to meet the needs of the targeted alpha therapy community.

Website: www.qscint.com

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Cardinal Health Inc.

Cardinal Health, Inc. is backed by nearly 100 years of experience, with approximately 50,000 employees in nearly 46 countries, Cardinal Health ranks #14 on the Fortune 500. The Nuclear & Precision Health Solutions division is focused on improving patient care in nuclear and precision health through a suite of five advanced solutions: Development—advancing radiopharmaceuticals from clinical trial to commercialization; Manufacturing—Providing reliable access through scale, sourcing, and expertise; Preparation—dispensing high-quality, FDA-approved radiopharmaceuticals; Market Access—providing reliable, on-time delivery from the largest national network; Business—aimed at helping providers focus on safe and efficient patient care

Website: www.Cardinalhealth.com/theranostics


There are many opportunities to support the Symposium and sponsorship is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s support for TAT 12 and its objective to bring leading experts in Targeted Alpha Therapy together to advance this technology. 

TAT 12 offers direct access to hundreds of influential experts and decision makers in the field of Targeted Alpha Therapy. Through sponsored luncheons, attendee materials, speaker support, publicity, networking events, and more, your company will have the tools to educate an engaged audience about how you are positively impacting the research in Targeted Alpha Therapy. 

Becoming a sponsor is easy. We offer sponsorship options at different price points, and all include benefits such as brand visibility scenarios with your logo on display and more.